And we will hear the seraphs cry, they will still envy you and I
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date a girl who’s me 

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my mom told me that in high school she used to get boyfriends at the beginning of February so they had enough time to get her a valentines day gift and then break up with them the day after and just keep the gift and one day she told her parents about it and they made her keep her boyfriend at least until the end of February and so she did and that boy is now my dad

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  • ron: wingardium levioSAA!
  • hermione: it's leviOSA not levioSAA
  • ron:
  • ron:
  • ron:
  • ron: i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now



if someone “fights like a girl” you should be absolutely terrified of them have ever seen a girl fight they’ll rip your fucking throat out with their hands while the guys are still doing that weird cobra posturing thing for five minutes 

teachers are told to get in between boys when they’re fighting because once they lose eye contact they’ll calm down but teachers are told to stay out of the way of girls fighting because they will fuck your shit up

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What if prisons let prisoners take their own mug shots?


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I find it funny how people refuse to acknowledge mental illness until they need an excuse to protect a white man

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